How to use this site

If you own individual stocks

We offer free alerts to help you cast an informed vote.

  1. Find your company using the search box at the left
  2. Click "Notify me" to sign up for free email alerts in advance of that company's shareholder meeting

Our alerts provide information about how respected institutional investors plan to vote at the meeting. They are not solicitations or campaign propaganda. We don't share your contact information with anyone, and you can cancel any alert at any time.

If you invest in mutual funds

We want to help you evaluate your mutual fund's voting record. Here's how you might do that:

  1. Find your fund using the search box at left, or browse funds here. If we don't have your exact fund, look for the fund family (e.g. Vanguard, Fidelity) as funds from the same fund family usually vote in a similar way. If we don't have the fund family, let us know.
  2. Look at the vote profile by clicking on the fund or fund family name. The vote profile contains lots of information that can help you compare your fund with other funds, but new users sometimes find it hard to understand. If you find it confusing, we provide some help here.
  3. Compare funds on an issue you care about. You can look at how funds rank on our activism scale for four issue areas: director elections, executive compensation, corporate governance, and corporate impact. Or, look at how your fund ranks on one of the FocusLists of key proposals created by users.
  4. Take action. If you don't like your fund's voting record, you can contact the company and let it know, or you can move your money. (Many participants in 401(k) plans can change funds easily.) There are many similar funds available, and you should invest in one whose votes reflect your values and economic interests.