What is a FocusList?

A FocusList is a new way of comparing mutual funds' voting records. Each FocusList is a list of proposals chosen by a user—for example, "Proposals on Tobacco", "Proposals my mutual fund filed on social issues", "Director nominations that should have been rejected""—along with the votes of all the funds in our database on those proposals. Each FocusList comes with a set of scores indicating which funds agreed with the FocusList's creator on these proposals.

What do 'best' and 'worst' mean?

The creator of a FocusList indicates the position he or she supports for each proposal. The "best" fund is the one that agreed most often, and the "worst" the one that disagreed most often.

Why are some funds not on some FocusLists?

We don't list a fund on a FocusList unless it has voted on at least three of the proposals on the list. A FocusList will thus list only funds that owned several of the same stocks.

How do I make a FocusList?

First, you have to create an account. Then you have two options:

  • Go to Your FocusLists and click on "Create a new FocusList," or
  • Look at a proposal in our archive (use the search boxes at left to find it by company, meeting, or proposal text); you will see a prompt asking if you'd like to create a FocusList or add the proposal to a FocusList you've already created.

How do I add proposals to a FocusList I've made?

Just find the proposal you want to add using the search boxes at left. If you're logged in, you'll see a prompt asking if you'd like to add the proposal to your FocusList (or to a new FocusList).

Will other people see my FocusList?

When you create a FocusList, you have the choice to make it public or private. You can change whether it is public or private at any time by going to Your FocusLists, finding the FocusList, and selecting "Make public" or "Make private."

Why does my FocusList not show up on the site for other people to see?

You need to publish it. (FocusLists are not published by default.) Go to Your FocusLists, find the FocusList, and select "Make public."

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