How do I sign up for alerts?

Find a company you want to track (using the search box at left). On the company page you will—if you are logged in—see a link that says "Alert me about upcoming events for this company." Click on that link to begin receiving alerts via email.

How do I cancel an alert?

Go to Your alerts; the list of companies you are watching is at the bottom. Find the company for which you want to stop receiving alerts and click on the "cancel alerts" link for that company.

What do these alerts tell me?

Our alerts let you know how institutional investors that are particularly engaged in corporate governance are planning to vote at meetings of companies you are watching. These institutions (mutual funds, pension funds, investment advisers) are particularly well known for actively engaging companies through the proxy. They do extensive research into each director nominated and each proposal being considered, and they apply transparent voting guidelines to each case. Even if you don't agree with them on every issue, we hope their votes will be useful to you in voting your own shares.

When will I receive alerts?

When a shareholder meeting is coming up for a company you are watching, we try to find out how institutional investors are planning to vote at the same meeting. A few weeks before the meeting, we will send an email if we have the agenda, and we will let you know about any votes we have already collected. Then we'll update you when we collect any additional votes, and remind you a few days before the meeting. Usually you'll receive a total of two or three emails about a meeting, and at most you'll receive four or five.