"Proxy Access"

Published by corpgov; last updated at May 13, 2017

I consider proxy access as the most fundamental right of shareowners that isn't built in as a legal right. Once we can nominate directors and have them placed on the proxy, boards will be much more accountable to shareowners.

Instead of looking over their shoulders, asking directors to report on greenhouse gasses or to declassify the board, shareowners will have nominees and directors telling us about the actions they will take on our behalf.

Directors are elected by shareholders but too many are more concerned with pleasing management than shareowners. Proxy access will increase board accountability, especially if it is robust not 'lite." Lite proxy access is like the greenwashing done by British Petroleum during their Beyond Petroleum ad campaign.

Beware of proxy access that limits the number of shareowners that can form a nominating group or that limits nominees to less than 25% of the board.

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