We do our best to report accurate information about proxy voting matters, but at times there will be mistakes in our database. If you want to be absolutely sure of a given piece of information, check with the source, whether it be a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or a company website. We would be happy to tell you the source of any information in our database.

We collect and report votes from institutional investors' websites; all disclaimers that apply to this information on the sources' websites apply to that information here.

Some of the information we report consists of intended votes that institutional investors disclose before meetings on their websites or in special feeds. There may occasionally be inconsistencies between these disclosed votes and the data we publish. To be sure of a vote it is best to check with the institution's proxy voting department.

Any of our advance disclosers may change their disclosed votes as meetings approach. We do our best to keep our data in sync with their disclosures but inconsistencies may occur.

Activism scores and other heuristics we provide to help compare investment companies' voting records are imperfect for various reasons. Before making investment decisions, consult the funds' current proxy voting guidelines and your investment adviser.

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