(8) Adopt Proxy Access Right

Sponsor: Shareholder

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Votes on this proposal

AFSCME Employees Pension Plan Against
CalPERS Against
CalPERS: CalPERS is a firm supporter of allowing shareowners access to the proxy. However, CalPERS believes implementation of this proposal as worded may not be in the best interest of shareowners due to problematic holding periods and ownership thresholds.
Florida SBA For
Trillium Asset Management Against
Calvert Funds (1 vote) Against
Calvert Social Index Fund Against
Calvert Social Index Fund: A vote AGAINST this item is warranted because the proposal lacks the appropriate safeguards to ensure that the right of proxy access would be used to further investors' interest. Specifically, the limit on the number of shareholder nominated directors could be viewed as excessive; and the proposal would not allow holders of 5 percent or more of the company' shares to nominate candidates via proxy access.


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Proxy Access

Published by corpgov; last updated at May 13, 2017

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I consider proxy access as the most fundamental right of shareowners that isn't built in as a legal right. Once we can nominate directors and have them placed on the proxy, boards will be much more...