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ASM INTERNATIONAL N.V., May 22, 2017 Annual Meeting

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Num. Proposal Text Mgmt CBIS
1 Open Meeting and Announcements None N/A
2 Receive Report of Management Board (Non-Voting) None N/A
3 Discuss Remuneration Report Containing Remuneration Policy for Management Board Members None N/A
4 Adopt Financial Statements and Statutory Reports For For
5 Approve Dividends of EUR 0.70 Per Share For For
6 Approve Discharge of Management Board For For
7 Approve Discharge of Supervisory Board For For
8.a Elect S. Kahle-Galonske to Supervisory Board For For
8.b Elect J.C. Lobbezoo to Supervisory Board For For
9 Ratify KPMG as Auditors For For
10.a Grant Board Authority to Issue Shares Up To 10 Percent of Issued Capital Plus Additional 10 Percent in Case of Takeover/Merger For For
10.b Authorize Board to Exclude Preemptive Rights from Share Issuances For For
11 Authorize Repurchase of Up to 10 Percent of Issued Share Capital For For
12 Approve Reduction in Share Capital through Cancellation of Treasury Shares For For
13 Discussion of the policy of the Management Board and the Supervisory Board in relation to ASMI's shareholding in ASM Pacific in 2016 and thereafter and the risks and benefits of a full divestiture of it None N/A
14 Other Business (Non-Voting) None N/A
15 Close Meeting None N/A

This data reflects the announced voting intentions of institutional investors. These votes may change as the meeting approaches. (See our disclaimer.)

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