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American Airlines Group Inc., Apr 24, 2017 Annual Meeting

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Num. Proposal Text Mgmt CBIS
1 Accept Financial Statements and Statutory Reports For For
2 Elect Stephen Pearce as Director For For
3 Elect Nolitha Fakude as Director For For
4 Re-elect Mark Cutifani as Director For For
5 Re-elect Byron Grote as Director For For
6 Re-elect Sir Philip Hampton as Director For For
7 Re-elect Tony O'Neill as Director For For
8 Re-elect Sir John Parker as Director For For
9 Re-elect Mphu Ramatlapeng as Director For For
10 Re-elect Jim Rutherford as Director For For
11 Re-elect Anne Stevens as Director For For
12 Re-elect Jack Thompson as Director For For
13 Reappoint Deloitte LLP as Auditors For Against
14 Authorise Board to Fix Remuneration of Auditors For Against
15 Approve Remuneration Policy For For
16 Approve Remuneration Report For For
17 Reduced the Minimum Number of Directors For For
18 Authorise Issue of Equity with Pre-emptive Rights For For
19 Authrorise Issue of Equity without Pre-emptive Rights For For
20 Authorise Market Purchase of Ordinary Shares For For
21 Authorise the Company to Call General Meeting with Two Weeks' Notice For For

This data reflects the announced voting intentions of institutional investors. These votes may change as the meeting approaches. (See our disclaimer.)

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